Her Majesty’s maintains a substantial collection of archives and memorabilia from the last 120 years. This is a valuable resource, covering not only the history of the theatre itself but, also, the development of cultural life and entertainment in Melbourne from the late nineteenth century right through to the present day.

Her Majesty’s is always grateful for contributions to the Archives. If you have any material relating to the theatre that you would like to donate, or have an enquiry that we may be able to answer, please contact our Archivist, Mary Murphy, at or on 03 8643 3300.


The following individuals and organisations have kindly donated memorabilia to the HMT Archive. We are very grateful for their generous support.

Bill Akers
Betty Arnold
Lachie A’Vard
Dale Baker
Barry Ball
Isla Baring
Elaine Bower
Bob Brooks –
Upper Valley Historical Society
Dennis Bryans
Michael Bugler
Faye Buntin
Paul Carroll
Dean Cerneka
Malcolm Cooke
Kay Craddock
Audrey Davis
Judy Delahoy
Jim Derum
Ken Dimsey
Audrey Duggan
John and Marjorie Edmonds
Gail Esler
Wilma Farrow
Lewis Fiander
Brendan Finn
Janet Forde
Robert Foster
Pat Goble
Jody Hall

Melissa Hansford
Rita Hay
Paul Hayes
Wynne Higgins
Ivy Hopkinson
K Hosking –
Donvale Tunstall Probus Club
Sheila Hotmer
Tom Ingram
Dorothy Jelbart
Barry Johnston
John Kellett
Barry Kitcher
Brenda Lodge
Margaret Mammo
William May
Malcolm McRae
Faye and Keith Moore
Graham Moore
Bob Moylen
Bill Murdoch
Bob Murphy
Mary Murphy
Peter Murphy
Roger Myers
Andrew Nathan
Helen Nathan
Helen Nugent
Andrew Ogge

Bernadette O’Keefe
Kym Parry
Brendan Pearse
Matthew Peckham
Loreto Perkin
Les Peterkin
Judy Pyke
Tamara Revill
Kay Richardson
Mel Robertson
Maureen Sadler
Rosalie Sekold
Maureen Sullivan
Brian Sutton
Mary Szymanski
Bruce Tannock
David S Thomson
G & C Townsend
Frank Van Straten
Melanie van Twest
Roger Watkins
Joan Way
Mark Wheeler
Albert Whitelaw
Ian Williams
Rose Woods
Wendy Yelland
Robert Young
Bill Yule
Christine Zakas