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Stage and Orchestra Pit Data Download
Stage Plan PDF
Section Plan PDF
Stage Elevation PDF
Item Measure (meters)
Proscenium width 11.60
Proscenium height 7.30
Depth of stage from setting line to back wall 13.80
Edge of stage from setting line (setting line is U/S face of safety curtain) 1.60
Width of stage (wall to wall) 25.00
Width (fly floor to fly floor) 18.65
Grid height 19.75
Max. out dead of fly battens 19.46
Her Majesty’s theatre has a typical lyric theatre orchestra pit, accommodating 20 players comfortably, depending on the instrument mix. The rear wall is demountable, allowing considerable expansion. Alternatively, additional players may be accommodated by removing Rows A and B from the stalls. These extensions allow the pit to accommodate up to 90 players.  Both options must be discussed with the Technical Manager well in advance.
Please note the following:
When not in use, the pit can be in-filled at auditorium floor height
There are no additional seats to install when the pit is not required
There is no “orchestra pit lift
Treads connecting the auditorium floor with the stage can be made available by arrangement. Some loss of seats may result.
Item Measure
All lines single-purchase, operated PS
85 lines at 150mm centres
Batten length 17.10m
Batten construction 50 x 100 RHS
2 x panorama bars, each side. Batten length 12.15m
Batten capacity 500kg
10 moveable spreader beams in grid, 1000kg point-load capacity
25 x 3000 long battens wired for 6 ways each, can be hung on any lineset.
25 x 6-way multicores, patch to dimmer room via Gallery 2, OP side.
Box booms PS & OP wired with 24 outlets each. All patch outlets and cabling are 10A.
Prosc. booms PS & OP: no outlets installed.
FoH bridge (fixed bar) above Grand Circle, 32 outlets. Throw to setting line: 21.500m, access by ladder from Grand Circle.
Ethernet and DMX system star-wired from dimmer room to all areas.

Her Majesty’s Theatre is not equipped with an in-house audio system. By arrangement with the Technical Manager a high-quality professional system, tailored to any production, can be made available from an outside contractor. 
A wiring network with three discrete circuits is provided to all production areas including Stage Management and Company Management offices. All connection sockets are 3 pin XLR male.
A separate paging system operates in all back-of-house areas and dressing rooms.
Orchestra Pit
Capacity (with no loss of auditorium seating) Up to 20 players
63.25 m²
Capacity (with removal of Stalls Row A and B) 30 – 40 players (depending on instruments)
84.50 m²
Alternatively, the denotable back wall of the pit may be removed to increase the capacity
Additional Facilities
Organisation of all Lighting, Audio, staging and AV requirements.
Engagement and supervision of technical staff for bump-in, rehearsal and performances.

Preparation of detailed budget estimates for hires, staffing etc.


Dressing Rooms

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Persons Size Phone Access Air Conditioners Showers En-suite Toilets En-suite Hand Basins
Room 1 & 2 1-3 14 sq.m
Basement OP
Room 4 & 5 1-3 14 sq.m
Room 6 & 7 1-8 18.75 sq.m
First Floor OP
Room 8 1-2 9.50 sq.m  ✓
Room 9 1-4 16.40 sq.m  ✓
Room 10 1-3 14.50 sq.m
Room 11  Up to 16 52 sq.m
Room 12 Up to 15 50 sq.m
Basement PS
Room 14  Band Room 11.80 sq.m  Near By  Near By
Room 15  Band Room 15.50 sq.m Near By  Near By
Room 16 Conductor 16.60 sq.m  Near By  Near By


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Persons Size Behind the stage Multiple phone Data points Facilities for audio Video feeds for the stage
Nattrass Room  4 14.60 sq.m
Haverly Room  3 10.40 sq.m
Mascetti Room  2 8.20 sq.m
Carr Room 1 6.90 sq.m
Penfold  2 11 sq.m